Algebra 1 – Lesson 1


April 7, 2013 by Meghan Riling





x = prompt(“What’s your name?”)


alert(“Hello, ” + x)


y = prompt(“What is your favorite color?”)

alert(“Your favorite color is ” + y)

alert(“I like ” + y + “, too.”)


z = prompt(“How old are you?”)

alert( )

alert( )


x = parseInt(prompt(“Give me a number.”))
y = parseInt(prompt(“Give me another number.”))

#Find the sum
a = x + y
alert(“The sum of the numbers is ” + a)

#Find the product
b =
alert(“The product of the numbers is ” + b)

#Find the difference
c =
alert(“The difference between the numbers is ” + c)

#Find the sum of the square roots
sqRootOfx =
sqRootOfy =
d = sqRootOfx + sqRootOfy
alert(“The sum of the square roots is ” + d)

#Raise one number to the other one
e =
alert(“When you raise your first number to your second, you get ” + e)


a = parseInt(prompt(“Type a value of a.”))
b = parseInt(prompt(“Type a value of b.”))
c = parseInt(prompt(“Type a value of c.”))

#a^2 – b
d =
alert(“a squared minus b is ” + d)

#square root of (c + d)
#add them up:
e =
#take the square root:
f =
alert(“The square root of c plus d is ” + f)


#raise a to b, and then to c
#raise a to b
g =
#raise ‘g’ to c
h =
alert(“a raised to b, then raised to c is ” + h)


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